Cleveland, Mississippi votes to remove controversial state flag

Cleveland Miss. is taking the state flag down after the Cleveland Board of Alderman voted 3-2 to remove the state flag from city hall and the police department. The Bolivar County Courthouse and county facilities had already taken the flag down in October.

Democratic State Representative Abe M. Hudson Jr. posted this quote on his twitter after the results of the vote.

“Last night (November 7th, 2017), the City of Cleveland, MS voted to no longer fly the Mississippi State Flag. A few weeks ago (September 27th, 2017), Bolivar County voted to no longer raise it at the Rosedale Courthouse or Cleveland Courthouse. I am really proud of Bolivar County, Cleveland, MS, and for those who voted to make this step forward.

Some would argue it’s too late, but I say its RIGHT ON TIME. State of Mississippi and Mississippi Legislature, it’s our turn!!!”

The Bolivar Commercial reported this quote from alderman Maurice Smith, who submitted the motion.

“Whatever the alternative, that’s not going to change what the flag represents. That stands on its own and I don’t think we have to look any further than our state institutions. Look no further than the University of Mississippi. Years ago they decided it was a divisive issue and I see the same thing here,” said Smith.

All eight public universities in Mississippi previously decided to stop flying the state flag as well due to its confederate imagery.

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