Mississippi’s crumbling bridges are in microcosm a glimpse at a much larger, national problem.

With so many sex and pregnancy scandals in Trump's White House, a new kind of advisor is needed.

The falling political dominoes since Thad Cochran’s Senate retirement have resulted Rep. Andy Gipson landing as state agriculture commissioner.

I’ve decided that infrastructure is the new weather: everybody talks about it, but nobody does anything about it.

As the great historian C. Vann Woodward told us, “Nowhere else did a slave society wage a life-and-death struggle for

Some Mississippi lawmakers don't want to fund the state's public broadcasting system. I think it's a steal.

I finally started drinking water and what I discovered is mental clarity, sustained energy and a much healthier addiction.

With Lent over, I’m free of that pledge to avoid all things negative. Here’s the result, with some positives sprinkled in:

Jake Thrasher is an editorial cartoonist for Magnolia State Live. 

Two failed bills proposing eliminating party primaries for U.S. Senate elections in Tennessee would have given the power to select