An important distinction between the Left and Right: they take the business of the media and storytelling seriously. We don’t.

It’s a phrase that’s grown tiresome, not because it doesn’t hold validity but in the perverse way that people have

I’ve had more than one person from out of state ask me why that area of roadway that links so

Racism, classism and xenophobia are as prevalent in our society as ever and they remain a scourge on what it

Flanked by red bars, the white center of the Stennis flag features 19 small blue stars around a larger 20th,

If my grandchildren can one day attend Ole Miss, or even dare I say Mississippi State, free without having to

There’s no denying Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert E. Lee are both significant figures in American history. However, the

Are there problems with Trump? Are you kidding? Of course, there are. Would Oprah be a better president? Are you

It remains our Great Republic’s Achilles’ heel. With ethno-racial bigotry on the rise once more, to deny all this is