When you walk into Johnny’s Restaurant in Homewood, the Mississippi influence isn’t immediately obvious. But look closer and it becomes more recognizable.

Blink and you might miss Zaap Thai, a restaurant tacked onto the Oxford Spot gas station on North Lamar Blvd. serving up authentic Thai cuisine locals can't get enough of.

There are positives and negatives when it comes to Mississippi’s education system.

Opioid addiction has forced change within federal and state government and prompted some leaders to to take action to decrease death rates within the state.

Bogue Chitto’s Henry Carlisle, 89, surrounds himself with history’s comfort, as old men do.

Mississippian Morgan Freeman was honored by the Screen Actors Guild Sunday upon receiving its lifetime achievement award. 

An important distinction between the Left and Right: they take the business of the media and storytelling seriously. We don’t.

Tchula, Mississippi, is a tiny town with big bills and a dwindling amount of money in the bank. 

It’s a phrase that’s grown tiresome, not because it doesn’t hold validity but in the perverse way that people have taken a phrase that actually does have some merit and twisted it to mean something entirely different.