Years before Madison County found itself at the center of a class-action lawsuit for claims of racially targeted policing against black citizens, its now-sheriff Randy Tucker forwarded an email to his colleagues promoting "white pride." 

Samuel Bacon’s story is one that will forever be left without concrete answers, as disparate accounts describe him in a variety of ways — ranging from a belligerent passenger who caused a disturbance to a hero who simply stood up for his civil rights.

Natchez's annual Spring Pilgrimage — a month-long series of historic antebellum house tours and events — is the city's top tourism draw and one that seems to get bigger and better every year. 

“He just did everything for everybody, loved it and never missed a Bible-study. … He never knew a stranger.”

While these guardsmen are prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for their country, the loved ones left behind are making sacrifices as well.

Kermit Davis Jr. has been the Mike Bianco of MTSU and Murfreesboro. He’s a rock; articulate in the finer points of the game; accessible; humble; a family man; comfortable in the community environment; willing to discipline; and ultra-competitive. That’s why Kermit Davis Jr. is likely to become the next Ole Miss men’s

Addiction and abuse stole years of Heather McClung's life until she discovered Mountain of Faith Ministry.

“I loved the all-white and pretty look but I knew I wanted color,” Carby said of her family’s Victorian house on South Commerce Street where she lives with her husband, Hyde, and their children.

A few years back, I read of studies showing that athletic competitors in red were statistically more likely to prevail than those in other colors.


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