The Oxford Chargers emerged victorious over the Lafayette Commodores during last Friday’s Crosstown Classic, but many people might not realize

With football back in full swing, concussions, more specifically Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), is always a topic of discussion around

Ole Miss mascots have been providing drama, water cooler conversation and news stories for 15 years now. You would be hard

During Mississippi State’s Pro Day, Gardner had the opportunity to showcase his talents in front of all 32 NFL teams.

The Mississippi Supreme Court on Thursday denied the petitions of Mississippi State football players Leo Lewis and Kobe Jones for

Coach Kermit Davis said this week he has “total respect” for free speech and that his comment didn’t mean he

It's official: Ole Miss has a new men's basketball coach. MTSU coach Kermit Davis Jr. will be introduced today at

What, if anything, could the Ole Miss Rebels have done differently to prevent Valparaiso's Bryce Drew’s buzzer-beater that’s become synonymous

Kermit Davis Jr. has been the Mike Bianco of MTSU and Murfreesboro. He’s a rock; articulate in the finer points of

A few years back, I read of studies showing that athletic competitors in red were statistically more likely to prevail